You’ll make loads more by selling fake news

Last night:

Me and the wifey were chowing down on some dinner. While catching up on some of the latest ‘Great Big Story’ vids on YouTube.

We feasted our eyes on lots of exciting stuff.

Like the story about the guy who opened a bookstore…

… that only sells cooking books.

Really ‘niche’!

And he gets traffic to his store by cooking one recipe a day from one of the cookbooks in his store. Drawing huge amounts of diners daily, who also buy his books.

And there was this story about The Fastest Window Cleaner in the World.

I found it so interesting how he said…

“Cleaning windows is my greatest passion in life.”


I really admire people like that…

Who hone their craft to perfection. Regardless of what their neighbors think about them cleaning the windows 100 times a day for ‘practice’. Ha ha.

My favorite clip of the night though?

It was about this professional artist.

Who creates portraits using…

… nothing but…

… an old vintage typewriter!

And gets paid tons for his artwork. Made up of nothing but letters, numbers, and symbols. Typed straight out of his outdated machine. Carefully positioned, aligned, and overlapped to create the illusion of photographic images. With people banging on his door, begging to pay him 4 to 5 figures for each custom ‘letter-sized’ portrait. And that doesn’t include all the income he makes selling the limited edition prints for each of his works.


He gets paid more for using old ‘caveman’ tech from the time of the dinosaurs…

(I don’t think cavemen used typewriters, but…)

… than most writers get paid for spending months and years banging out content on a word processor with the latest version of Mac or Windows.

And it reminded me of how…

… one of the easiest ways to stand out…

… and charge premium prices for your products is to simply…

… find creative ways to use ‘old’ tech when everyone and their grandma is pouring all their coin into cutting-edge ‘new’ tech.

Because… ‘different’ sells.

Just like how:

One of the top gaming companies in history, Nintendo, used the ‘old tech’ concept to dominate the gaming industry for decades in spite of ‘cutting-edge’ ‘tech-adopting’ competitors trying their best to nip at their heels for more marketshare. A ‘great big story’ I talked about in my A.I. Content Apocalypse emails (…


In case you didn’t know…

‘Great Big Story’ is the name of one of our favorite YouTube channels.

It used to be owned by CNN.

But they shut it down. A couple years back. Because apparently… they were making more money peddling bad news, fake news, and polarizing news… than they were from a Youtube channel with inspirational little stories like these ones, followed by millions.

But the channel recently got bought out.

So now it’s back up again.

With a new owner.

But it just goes to show…

Just because something gets a lot of viewership, followers and subscribers doesn’t mean that it’ll get you a lot of sales.

Or revenue.

How can you tell whether something’ll bank you coin before you invest your blood, sweat, and tears into it?

That’s the topic of my next PLR mini-training.

And it drops soon…

Or it might not.

But I hope it does…

Allen Walker
The Mysterious “Story-Loving” Marketer

By: Allen Walker, The Mysterious Marketer

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