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“You’re definitely one of the best email marketers in my inbox.”
~ Arun Chandran, Master of Flaming Hot PLR

For just $19.97, I’ll give you private label rights (PLR) to 10 emails I personally handcrafted and wrote (no A.I. at all) on “How To Survive The A.I. Content Apocalypse If You’re a PLR Marketer”!

If you’ve been following my email list for any time at all, you know by now that my emails aren’t just bland and boring, non-stop pitch fests, but they’re value-packed stuff that…

People Love Opening, Reading,
And Buying From!

Case in point – here’s some of the things you (and your subscribers) will discover in these 10 ‘business survival’ PLR emails:

Email #1 – When no one wants your PLR and mommy can’t help you
Email #2 – Nintendo’s ultimate ‘caveman’ technique for making your PLR jump out
Email #3 – How Warren Buffett saved me from online business bankruptcy
Email #4 – ‘Stinky room phenomena’ leads to stinking PLR sales
Email #5 – Crazy bunny guy shows how PLR profiteering should be done
Email #6 – The watermelon trick for viralizing your YouTube videos & PLR instantly
Email #7 – The best PLR strategy when you need emergency cash
Email #8 – The 1 thing you must have to build a successful online career
Email #9 – Easiest way to build a business no one wants to buy from
Email #10 – How to predict whether your president (or you) is gonna get impeached

*NOTE: I originally wrote these emails to promote my own training. So you can be sure I packed them with as much persuasive ‘selling power’ as I possibly could!

Take them and use them as-is for… an easy source of passive additional income… promoting that same training as an affiliate…

Or swap it out. And promote something else you like better. The choice is yours…

What You Can Do With These Emails

Anything you want. Except three things:

(1) You can’t sell these as PLR, MRR, or RR!

(2) You can’t give anyone else the rights to use them. Only you are allowed to use them.

(3) Don’t use my name and pretend to be me when you’re using them!

What You Need To Do Now:

Grab these emails by clicking the link below.

You’ll be taken to a form where you input your payment details.

As soon as you fill out and submit the form, you’ll be taken to a page where you can instantly download these 10 PLR email pieces.

The price right now is just $19.97 as an introductory special offer.

I don’t want these emails to get ‘saturated’. So once I get uncomfortable with how many people are buying these, I’m going to raise the price to slow down the ‘saturation rate’ so to speak. Sign up now or you’ll have to pay more for this later…

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(*Just like every other PLR on the planet, there’s no refunds on these little masterpieces…)

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