When I was a young marketing warthog

Several years back…

When I was a young marketing warthog…

Crying ‘Hakuna Matata’ at the wonders of the internet everyday. And how it meant a ‘problem-free’ philosophy to making bank online. Meaning… no more working a job… for the rest of my days. None the wiser to the digital perils that lie in wait…


One day, I was persuaded by a rather well-known marketing guru at the time.

To buy this…

… high-ticket resell rights product he released.

It was a four-figure product.

That I could also earn four-figures on for each sale.

And it seemed like a good idea at the time. For a young, hungry, and very foolish me.

So I bought it.

Excitedly opened it up.

And started driving traffic to it…

… for days…

… and weeks…

… and months…

… and…

… well, you get the drift.

No sale.

Absolutely, no sale!

I couldn’t get it to sell at all.

Oh, wait.

Actually… I DID make a sale.

Which promptly got refunded. Leaving me more disappointed than I’d ever been, given the high-ticket money I’d just put down while listening to ‘Hakuna Matata’ in the background and envisioning 4-figure sales notifications hitting my inbox every hour like there’s no tomorrow.

Never happened.

Never happened…


It just goes to show that, just because a resell rights product, or MRR product, or PLR product, looks sexy, and is released by a reputable vendor who promises you’ll be the ‘king of your market’ once you start selling it…

… it doesn’t mean it’s gonna to sell.


Most marketers online, whether big or small, are just playing a guessing game. Putting out as much PLR and MRR stuff out there as possible.

And leaving the responsibility to you.

To figure out what’s gonna sell.

And what’s not.

Because they have no clue about what the market really wants!

And I didn’t either.

Until I started putting together the pieces of the puzzle over the years. Combining my experiences as a marketer and copywriter, with my previous experiences working as a process engineer who was drilled on the ‘customer value equation’ (what customers really value) like there was no tomorrow, and found the connections between both.

Recently, I (pain-stakingly) put together those puzzle pieces into my new mini-training.

On how you can predict whether they’ll pay for your PLR (or MRR, or info-product, or whatever) before you invest money, time, and sweat-equity into it.

Not saying you’re going to be like ‘God’ after learning this.

Able to ‘see the future’ in 4D vision.

Or that you’ll get it right every freaking time.


You will drastically cut down on the number of times you pull your hair out once you’ve got these ‘moves’ in your arsenal.

Here’s the link:


Allen Walker
The Mysterious “Worry-Free” Marketer

By: Allen Walker, The Mysterious Marketer

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