This A.I. deathtrap will make you lose your underwear

It’s 3:02 a.m. over here right now.

I’m sitting in my home office. Itching to get to bed.

I wasn’t planning to write this email.

(not right now anyways)

But this seems pretty important. So I thought I’d get it out there. Fast. Before someone loses their shirt. And pants. And underwear too.

A couple months back:

I was working with my professional artist wifey to run a little experiment. Within her art business. Where she sells tons of art everyday.

To hungry fans.

Who crave her work.

Like children craving candy laced with MSG.


This was the experiment – we tried creating some high-level A.I. art in a similar style to her own… and… put those artificially-generated pieces up for sale… to her followers and subscribers… and wanted to see how well they’d sell.

This wasn’t a sloppily done, ‘generate and spam’ type of thing, mind you.

We actually went through tons of iterations.

To get it just right.

Similar style.

High-level rendering.

To the point that even I had a hard time telling they were A.I. art pieces.

Fast foward a couple months later:

I just checked the results of the experiment just now.

“Guess what?” I asked my wifey.

“My art lost to the A.I.?” she asked. “I wouldn’t be surprised though. Even chessmasters can’t come anywhere near it.”

“On the contrary. Not even one A.I. art was sold! In fact, it almost seems like people are subconsciously avoiding the A.I. art pieces. And gravitating towards your handmade art. Even though they’re extremely similar, but I have a theory…” I said.

I strongly believe that…

… (unlike the monkeys on National Geographic that can’t tell the difference between a robot spy monkey and their fellow primates)…

… even if humans can’t consciously tell the difference between A.I. art and man-made art…

… they can, without a doubt, tell the difference…

… on a subconscious level!

And they instinctively avoid it.


If given a choice between high-level A.I art and high-level human art, based on my experiments, it seems like people will subconsciously choose the human art every time.


I’ve had this suspicion for quite some time now.

And it’s why I’ve been avoiding creating any type of content using A.I…

… even though I’m really proficient at it…

… just like any other tech junkie.

These results just further confirm what I suspected.

Are you gonna get the same results as me?

No clue.

Test it out yourself.

Am I telling you to stop using A.I. generated content and putting it up for sale?


I’m just saying…

… that…

… you shouldn’t be like that news company I read about the other day that got rid of all the text articles on their news site just because they heard that video was the future, and so they replaced literally all their content with video, but then saw their traffic plummet by over 80% because people actually still wanted to read!

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Hedge your bets.

You can’t build a successful business on marketing alone.

Risk management matters too…

Allen Walker
The Mysterious Marketer

P.S. I saved your underwear. Now I’m hitting the hay.

I’ll get back to all emails in the morning!

P.P.S. By the way, I released a personally handcrafted (no AI!) set of PLR emails a couple days ago. Since people have been digging my emails so much. And I have too many emails I can’t use them all.

I haven’t formally launched it yet.

But if you wanna have a sneak peak, you can sally forth here:

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