The Disney secret to making PLR more addictive than Vegas slot machines


“Nobody knows more about taking maximum money from people, and having them be happy about it, than Disney. That’s their business, okay? Some years ago they passed Vegas in dollars per head per day. They took more money per head per day than Vegas. Vegas has unlimited booze, legalized theft, gambling, and hookers. Disney has a mouse, but they’re better at monetization and making people happy.”

~ Dan Kennedy


This might dash your childhood memories.


A couple months back:

My professional artist wifey was having one of her art critique sessions with some of her Disney/Pixar mentors. Where they tear her art apart. And tell her how she can do a better job.

And… this happens from time to time, but…

They told her that the art piece she created for that session was at a really high level already.

And there was nothing they’d change about it.

Which is not surprising, really…

Because I’d took the time to critique her art myself before she submitted it for the session.

So she already fixed everything that needed to be fixed.

But even though there often isn’t much in terms of critique:

I still like to drop in on these sessions too.

Because I learn a lot myself.

Sometimes I miss some things which the guys at Disney/Pixar pick up.

But what grabs my attention the most during these critique or tutoring sessions is…

… not their profound insights into art, but…

… how much they tend to talk about…

… marketing!

And when you think of Disney, or Pixar, most people tend to think about rainbows and lollipops and… sunshine and good things…

And that’s a part of it.

Don’t get me wrong.

But a huge reason why their stuff is so addictive is because all their artists… aren’t just artists.

They’re also incredibly saavy when it comes to marketing.

And infusing marketing into their art.

Even in the finest details.

Which I think you should be doing too with everything you produce. Including PLR products you grab and edit. Because it’s often the smallest details that determine whether customers sit down at your slot machine (your product offerings) and keep pulling the slot handle (pulling out their wallet and buying), or they gloss over your products and visit the slots next door (all the other A.I.-generated content and PLR out there).

For example:

Some time back…

I was listening to one of my wifey’s Disney mentors talk about this super simple “5-second” marketing hack he uses… to instantly turn heads and make people pay attention to his books instead of every other book competing for their attention.

And this trick is so simple that…

… if you weren’t deep into marketing design or art, you’d think…

… “Huh? That’s it? How come I never noticed this was that important?”

And you’re right.

The average person never does notice stuff like this.

But it’s most often these ‘fine details’ that separates the beginners from the pros at the playing table.

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Allen Walker
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By: Allen Walker, The Mysterious Marketer

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