The 8 stages of PLR ‘No-Sell’ Hell

This might be a little painful to read, but:


Stage #1 – You sit down in front of your computer. Open your inbox. And see an email about some PLR.

That’s 50% off.

Until midnight.

No one’s gonna pay for this PLR.

But you don’t know that… yet.


Stage #2 – You click. Because the PLR title sounds cool. And…

After spending time scrolling down and skimming the sales page, you jump to the checkout page before the countdown timer hits zero.

You pull our your card. And make payment.

And wait…

Time taken: 30 minutes – 1 hour.


Stage #3 – Your payment went through!

You got access.

Now, you have to sort through your desktop. And look for a nice clean folder to download your new PLR to.

You download it.

Unzip it. Open the folder. And check through the files to see all the extra bonuses you got.

You delete the original zip file.

And empty the trash can on your desktop.

Time taken: 10 – 20 minutes.


Stage #4 – You have more stuff on your hard drive now. And… it’s getting full… and messy.

The clutter is making you less efficient.

Using up working memory in your brain. And using up electricity in the background. Adding a little more to your monthly bill. Which you have to remember to pay.

You need more storage on your computer.

So you go down to the store.

And invest in an external hard drive. Or a USB. Or… an online storage solution like Dropbox… All of which, you also have to find a way and place to organize. And sort. And store. And label with new folders. Etc.

Time taken: 30 minutes – 5 hours.


Stage #5 – You finally open up the PLR files you got. So you can edit them.

But there’s lots of stuff to edit.

And put in your own voice. And your own brand. And your own niche. Adding your own links. Putting your own cover. Swapping in your names and logos.

And it’s gonna take a while.

Because you haven’t yet discovered my 20 Minute PLR Tweak Tweak or 2 Minute “Text-Only” eCovers systems.

And your computer is lagging like crazy.

Because of all the windows and apps you have open. To edit your PLR. And all the PLR being stored in the background in your harddrive.

Time taken: 1 – 10 hours.


Stage #6 – After editing, you realize you made some typos. And you had to go back and edit them.

And then you found more typos.

And had to test and fix all the links you put in.

Before you finally were able to upload it. And put it up for sale. On WarriorPlus. Or Clickbank. Or Amazon. Or WordPress.

And click through 101 pages just to get the affiliate program up and running.

But while you were doing it… WarriorPlus was down… and your WordPress installation needed some plugins and themes to be updated… but something crashed and you needed to contact support to get it fixed.

And it got fixed, you could finally edit your salespage.

And link everything together.

Time taken: 1 – 10 hours.


Stage #7 – Finally, you’re done.

Your kids were waiting for dinner. And piano lessons. And football.

But you’re done.

And you start driving traffic to your new PLR. But it takes a while for the traffic to kick in. Because your page hasn’t started ranking on Google yet.

So you email your list.

And it takes you a while to write the emails. But luckily you got a swipe included in your PLR package. But you have to edit that too.

By the time you send it out:

You discover you’re hearing crickets. Because no one wants ye olde PLR.

Oh wait…

You got one sale.

Promply followed by a refund request. Saying they bought it by accident.

Time taken: 1 – 100 hours.


Stage #8 – A week goes buy, then two, then three…

And you finally realize…

No one wants ye olde PLR!

And you wasted all that time. That could have been spent doing something else to make coin.

And you have to start all over again from Stage 1, and go through all 8 stages of ‘No Sell’ Hell once again. Until you find something that people will actually want.

Total Time Wasted: 99999999 hours.


Did you get exhausted just reading all that?

I know I did.

Imagine actually having to go through it all…

Or better yet…

Imagine NEVER having to go through that… again!

And that’s why I created my new 5 Minute PLR Profit Predictions system. So if you haven’t received salvation from the depths of ‘no-sell’ hell yet, this may or may not be the answer to your prayers:

Allen Walker
The Mysteriously “Exhausted” Marketer

By: Allen Walker, The Mysterious Marketer

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