Labor of love vs. Labor of salary slaves

I went out with the wifey to celebrate Labor Day over the last few days.

Though we actually call it “Labor of Love Day”.

How come?

Because we got married on that day. Ha ha.

It’s a lot easier to get family and friends to attend your wedding when it’s on a public holiday.


It makes it easier to remember every year.

If you know what I mean… 😉


While we were busy stuffing ourselves at our favorite little restaurant, I got a message from one of my personal consulting students. Who’s still doing labor as a salary slave at her day job. Though she’ll probably earn her freedom soon…

She wrote:


“It used to take me around 20 minutes to create a listing for my store. Because I guess I spent too much time thinking. After all the improvements you had me make, I’ve got it down to just 3 minutes now! Wow! A little more, and I think I can get the more down to 1 minute..”



You know what?

‘Labor’ doesn’t have to be hard.

Or complex. Or time-consuming.

If it is, and you’re not lovin’ it, you’re doing it wrong. And a couple of things that might help you with that:

* Standardize everything that can be standardized. So you don’t have to think.

* Break everything down into steps.

* And have systems for each step.

* Build your business around your strengths. And outsource or automate your weaknesses.

* Never automate anything until you have a process that works from start to finish.

* Delete useless stuff everyday.

* Remember that 95% of everything we do is a waste of time.

* Find the 5% that actually matters.

* Play more chess. It’ll help you make better business decisions.

* Frequent, tiny improvements compound. And keep compounding over time. Big improvements don’t compound as much or as frequently.

* Go where demand’s high, and supply’s low. You’ll accomplish a lot more, with a lot less competition and effort.

* Learn to predict the future. Because it’ll save you a mountain of time, and a lifetime of heartache.


My new mini-training on profitably predicting the future is finally done.


… it shows you how to predict whether they’ll pay for your PLR…

… before you buy, edit, and put it up for sale.

And this is probably one of the hardest thing I’ve ever had to put into words. Because once you’ve gotten this down, it’s something akin to a superpower. That lets you know something bad is about to happen (you’re about to waste money on PLR that no one wants) so you can avoid it…

… while ‘detecting’ hidden profit opportunities no one else sees at the same time.

You can grab a piece of my labor of love here:

Can’t believe this is finally done…

It’s 4 a.m. and I’m collapsing into bed now.

Allen Walker
The Mysterious “Laboring” Marketing

P.S. If you have questions, I’ll get to them in the morning…

By: Allen Walker, The Mysterious Marketer

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