How to write sales copy so good, men send you fan mail and women try to seduce you

A couple of days ago, the fan mail flood gates broke wide open with the launch of my new 5 Minute PLR Profit Predictions system…

Here’s one from Jerry A.

Who writes:


Hey Allen,

I have to say you are freaking awesome! 😎

Val Wilson, is who referred me to your products, and I have love every single one. Your products have been directly aligned with where I am in my online business journey, creating ebooks. I just purchased your 5 minute PLR guide, and wow.

I must ask, who writes your copy? It is some of the best copy I have ever read. I don’t usually like reading long form copy, but damn, it answered all my concerns I needed answered for knowing about PLR. That was all before even getting the actual product. I really have never seen copy this good.

I have now set a goal to write copy close to as good as you have.

I love that you are down to earth, have fun humor, and actually help people in simplified descriptive manner.

I would definitely read a book about your life. I read your email, and I get a cool sense of adventures in life’s business and personal experiences. If you had a mentorship community, I would love to join!

Well, sorry for the long winded reply, but you have helped ignite a person in your customer base, aka, community.




This reminded me of a story.

That the legendary copywriter, Joe Sugarman, once told about how he wrote copy so good that…

… he got phone calls from drooling women who said they fell in love with him just by reading his copy, and…

… there was this one time:

One of those women came up to his office one day. Wearing revealing clothing.

Pounded on his door.

And tried her level best to seduce him.

But to no avail.

Because the only thing copywriters fall in love with is winning advertising that brings in a profit on the front end, and recurring revenue on the back.


Why is my copy so good that guys and gals start falling into ‘fan boy mode’ after reading it?

One reason is because of…

The super simple Japanese ‘4S Equation’ I shared on Page 30 of my new 5 Minute PLR Profit Predictions system… that even a grade-flunking kid can run in their head… and instantly know whether a PLR is going to be an ‘easy sell’ or not.

Not only does it tell you exactly what PLR (or info-products, or any product actually) people want.

And are willing to ignore the price for.


If you take the related keywords I talked about in that equation, and…

… you (subtly) sprinkle the relevant ones throughout your sales copy (or create related synonyms of your own)…

… it adds sugar and spice to your sales copy that gets people salivating, buying, and…

… might even get them sending you fan mail.

Which is what I did.

In my sales copy.

I originally added those keywords to make it easier for you to understand the concept. And recognize instantly at a glance whether any product idea you see is likely to be a high-converting bestseller or not.

But it works both ways.

You can use them to quickly craft compelling products and copy that sell too.

So I’ve just updated the training to include EVEN MORE keywords!


I take no responsibility for any ‘Lady Gagas’ showing up at your door, begging you for a ‘bad romance’ when you use these.

But I will be taking any fan mail you’d be willing to offer up.

So if you’d like to read (and write) some stellar copy for getting your PLR selling and sold, while putting you into fan boy or fan girl mode, you can do so right here:

Allen Walker
The Mysteriously “Irresistible” Marketer

By: Allen Walker, The Mysterious Marketer

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