How To Stop Quitting Half-Way Through

One of my students just got her first sale.

Using principles she learned from my training.

After getting her first sale, here’s what she told me:


“I knew that making money marketing online is a numbers game. But I get discouraged when I do stuff and I don’t see sales right away. So I was really tempted to quit in the middle. But after making my first sale, I’m really motivated again knowing that this is really working!”


One of my mentors once told me:

“If there’s one skill you must master to build a lifelong successful business, it’s the skill of self-motivation. Your greatest enemy is not your competitors. It’s your self. Most people quit something after trying it once or twice. Even thrice. They’ll never succeed in life…”

If that’s you…

Here’s some of the easiest ways to self-motivate.

And keep you on track towards your goals:

* Forget the big stuff. Aim for small wins. And do it everyday.

* Even if you’re trying to tackle a huge task, break it down into the smallest chunks.

* Celebrate every small win. Give yourself tiny rewards. This creates a positive feedback loop in the brain.

* Remember that small wins compound over time. And create compound interest. Again and again. Big wins don’t.

* Don’t try to gamble. Meaning, don’t try to do this:


It creates havoc on your brain. And shrinks your dopamine receptors.

* Instead, do this:


* Read books written by successful people who’ve done what you want to do. It’s inspiring.

* Read everyday. Especially old books written by the old masters in your field.

* Understand the big picture of what you’re really doing. Most people can only see the small details. And this is discouraging.

* Have a good bowel movement everyday. It’s almost impossible to stay motivated on a clogged up bowel.

* Get enough sleep daily.

* Get yourself tested for vitamin and mineral deficiency. Fix any deficiencies.

* Exercise. Shake yer body. Everyday.

* Focus on the process. Not the end result.

* There’s more than one way to reach your goal. Choose the path that involves doing stuff you love everyday.

* Make sure you have a solid foundation.

Most people are building their business on a shaky foundation.


They don’t even know the basics.

And it doesn’t matter how hard you work. Or how tall you build the house. If the foundation’s made of sand, it’s gonna collapse half-way through.

That’s why some people never make it.

In my short 2 Minute ‘Text-Only’ eCovers training, not only do I go into some advanced (but simple) stuff for moving your ebook sales numbers, but I also mingle it with solid foundational principles.

Miss these principles, and you’ll be spinning your wheels…

… buying more and more PLR…

… editing them…

… putting them up for sale…

… using every A.I. tool on the market…

But still hearing crickets chirp because no one’s interested in what you have to offer, in spite of how hard or how long you work!

And you’ll have to put in 100x the numbers to make up for it…

If you’re building your ebook empire on shaky ground and want to fix it, starting with the most fundamental part of your ebook (the cover), so you can start getting maximum results with minimum effort, you can start here:

Allen Walker
The Mysterious “self-motivated” Marketer

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