How to prevent a “marketing-induced” stroke

We went to our neighbor’s son’s wedding over the weekend.

Had a seat at the table of honor. Alongside the bride and groom’s family.


Just before the wedding…

We got an emergency phone call!

One of our relatives had a sudden stroke. And was hospitalized. So it looks like I’ll have to fly over and help treat him in the next few days.

It is unfortunate.

But these types of strokes are more often than not caused by stress. And a diet low in “anti-oxidants”. Which means you don’t have enough protection against the side-effects of stress. And from what I’ve heard, he was under a lot of stress with his business recently. So it looks like things took their toll…

Thank God it was a mild stroke.


Business is by nature a stressful activity.

Whether it’s external stress (from family and friends who don’t exactly support your departure from the ‘safety’ of a job and salary… or the ever-rising tides of market competition from AI-equipped kids who have all the free time in the world) or internal stress (from your ‘bestowed-at-birth’ competitive nature and drive to excel and prove others wrong with what little time you have daily).

The pace at which life is accelerating doesn’t help either…

Especially with how people are (futilely) trying to match their own pace with that of ‘lightspeed’ new tech.

I just watched a video on YouTube yesterday.

And it was about how quickly people in their 20s and 30s are aging these days. With clips showing… lots of them who look like they’re… in their 50s or 60s!

And I was like…

“WHAT?!? Are these guys really in their 20s or 30s? Insane!”

People on the streets basically thought they were grandparents.


You can’t control what happens in the world.

But you can control how you feel after a long day’s work.

Which is why I always recommend constantly relaxing (and stretching your body) throughout the day. Don’t wait until the day’s end.

Something I like to do is…

… closing my eyes every hour (your brain uses 40% less energy just by doing this) and…

… breathing in from your nose (deep stomach breathing) for 3 seconds, then breathing out through your mouth for 6 seconds…

… and doing this 10 to 20 times every hour or two.

Then have a large glass or two of pure water (PLAIN WATER!).

You’ll feel the difference immediately.

It’s something I learned from some of the top NBA, NFL, Tennis, and Boxing athletes in the world.

And something I recommend to all my family and friends.

Listening to soft relaxing music while you work helps too.


While this is all good…

… for helping manage stress throughout the day…

… it doesn’t compare to just…

… avoiding stress altogether!


Make your work less stressful.

This is something I prioritize doing daily. Every morning, me and the wifey have a morning meeting where we discuss… ways to make life and work easier for the day!

Every day.


Each of us have to come up with at least 2 ways to make life easier.

Or faster.

Or simpler.

While still getting equal or better results.


I’ve also used this “lazy man’s” thinking to make re-designing your PLR eBook Covers stress-free, by the way.

And so simple (yet sale-effective) in fact that…

You can do it without opening yet another design software. Like Photoshop or Canva. Or A.I. tool. Like Midjourney. And you can do it in just a minute or two. From the comfort of the same word processor you used to edit your PLR.

It’s all about ‘extinguishing’ as much daily stress from your life as possible.

No matter how big or small.

Because even the small things add up.

You can check it out here if you need a little less stress in your life:

Allen Walker
The Mysteriously ‘Chill’ Marketer

P.S. If you already bought, I recently added a bonus case study. In case you didn’t know.

It’s on the last page of the training now…

Props to my wifey for inspiring it.

Stay chill.

And relax.

By: Allen Walker, The Mysterious Marketer

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