How to poop without taking off your underpants

The wifey was doing some re-search last night.

On how people lived during the Victorian era.

(For a new art project I guess?)

But after she was done, she came up to me and asked:

“Did you know that… people living in those times used to have huge holes at the back of their underpants?”

“What for?” I asked back.

“So they could poop without taking off their underwear! Ha ha. They also used powder to keep their hair clean instead of washing with shampoo.”


“Very interesting…” I thought to myself.

So it used to be a lot easier to poop than it is now?

Well, lots of stuff used to be easier than it is now…

Like selling generic products.

Because in those days, there weren’t 101 brands selling the same thing with a slightly different cover and color like you have today. You just went to the grocer, told him you wanted eggs. And he’d give you a box of eggs. And all eggs were free-range, pasture-raised and finished, and organic. So there weren’t 101 different options.

These days:

If you want the product you’re selling to be ‘the chosen one’, you need to have some sort of ‘added value’.

That most other products don’t have.

Like ‘a hole that makes it easier for them to poop’, so to speak.


You hear gurus talking about ‘adding value’ all the time. But rarely do they ever tell you what they mean by ‘value’.

Most marketers are clueless about the word.

And it doesn’t help that your customer’s perception of ‘value’ changes depending on their cultural upbringing. Just because you think it’s ‘valuable’ doesn’t mean you’re not pissing off someone else on the other side of the world.

But even if you’re doing ‘local marketing’?

Well… just in my adjacent neighborhood… I have 3 neighbors who were all born and brought up in different countries.

So… that’s what ‘local marketing’ means these days.


I talk about how you can tap into different ‘cultural’ dimensions of ‘value’…

… in the 5th move of my new 5 Minute PLR Profits Prediction system – how to “add a cannon to the chess board” so you can totally transform the playing field.

And give you an ‘overwhelming’ edge.

Over everyone else in the marketplace.

While also making your customers happier. Because you’re not just limiting yourself (and them) to what YOU think is valuable.

Does that new PLR you’re about to put out really give them ‘value’?


Maybe not.

Only one way to find out:

Allen Walker
The Mysterious Marketer

P.S. You don’t have to use all the different dimensions of ‘value’ every time. Even though the more you have, the happier they’ll be.

But it does help to be aware of them…

… so you’re not selling (or re-selling) stuff that pisses your customers off…

… while not knowing why they’re pissed and pooped off.

By: Allen Walker, The Mysterious Marketer

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