How to get people tattooing your PLR art onto their sacred parts

I just got a shocking email a few days ago.

From one of my wifey’s fans.

For those who don’t know, the wifey’s a professional artist. And she’s pretty clueless about marketing. So I normally help her with that side of her business.

Especially when she’s busy.

Meeting deadlines for her new book.

I also help her with ‘inbox management’ from time to time.

So a couple days ago…

… one of her fans sent in a photo…

… where she took my wifey’s art, and…

… tattooed it on her wrist!

Now this seems to happen a lot.

And I probably shouldn’t be so shocked anymore. But it still makes me ‘cringe’ every freakin’ time.

Not because her art isn’t good.

It’s amazing!

‘else people wouldn’t be wanting to live their whole life walking around with it on their arms.

Or legs.

Or even more sacred parts of the body.

But that’s what shocks me…

How someone can create a piece of art so good…

… people actually want it carved into their flesh!


Creating art that convinces people to engrave themselves with it is hard work. And takes years of blood, sweat, and tear-inducing design coaching and mentoring from mysterious ol’ me. And from her other art mentors who illustrate for Disney, Pixar, and more too.

But creating art that convinces people to stop, look, and buy?


… is way simpler.

So simple, in fact, that…

… almost everyone (top designers included) tend to overcomplicate it to the point that…

… they end up losing boatloads of sales in the long run!

On the other hand:

I’ve tried to simplify it to its essence.

Cutting out the waste.

And going directly to the ‘meat’.

So you can get maximum looks. And sales. Of your PLR ebooks. With the minimal amount of effort and headache-inducing graphic tech. While minimizing ‘lost sales’ in the process.

That’s what my new ‘text-only’ eCover system is all about.

It may or may not get your customers to tattoo your PLR eCover design onto their bodily parts.

But if you’re looking for more sales…

… you can lookie on over here:

Allen Walker
The Mysteriously “Creative” Marketer

P.S. Just showed the new training to my wifey.

And, I’m a little suprised that she learned a lot from it. Considering her skill level.

So much so that, she told me she’s planning on using some of the principles for designing the cover of her upcoming new children’s book. To make it catchier. And more sales-attracting.

It won’t be a ‘text-only’ cover, of course.

But, hey… the principles still apply…

By: Allen Walker, The Mysterious Marketer

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