How to develop ‘ultra-instinct’ for making coin

Several years ago:

I was on the couch. Listening to an audio program by world-renowned motivational speaker and salesmaster, Zig Ziglar.

My brain slowly got infused with…

… enthusiasm…

… inspiration…

… and all sorts of sales, marketing, and persuasion techniques that have benefited me to this day.


When I reached the end of the audio program…

Zig said something that changed my life.

He said…

“Go back and listen to this program 16 times!”

Prior to that, my approach to books and courses was to go through them once, put them on the shelf, and move onto the next one. Which is how I’ve quickly gotten through thousands of books, courses, and more over the years.

But testing out his advice…

I quickly discovered something… incredible!

Going through books and courses once, I learned a lot. No doubt about it.

But going through the same book the second time?

I got 50% more out of it.


And the third time?

Maybe another 30% more.

And every subsequent pass through the book or course, no matter fast or slow, I just kept picking up more and more stuff I missed the first few times.

And my business, marketing, and persuasion prowess just went on the rise after that.

At a rate I’d never seen before.


This is why I always recommend my students to… go through my trainings, whether that be my 2 Minute ‘Text-Only’ eCovers system ( or my 20 Minute PLR Tweak Tweak system (… to go through them at least 10 times. Each.

Not all at once, of course.

But go through them from time to time.

Until you’ve gotten through them at least 10 times. Because I’ve packed so much in there. In just a small, one-sitting piece of training. It may take you a while to pan all the ‘gold’ out of it.


Times are tough.

People are busy. And chances are you might or might not take my advice.

So I discovered something new recently.

Something faster, and easier.

It doesn’t totally replace the need to go through great material 10 times. But it does shortcut the process significantly.

The secret?

Take the key concepts of each chapter. And distill it down into one, single, extremely ‘catchy’ saying. That bounces around in your brain. Hundreds of times a day. Like that song you heard on YouTube that won’t stop playing in your head, until it literally drives you crazy.

I was reminded of this ‘old-school’ method recently.

By world’s greatest email copywriter, Matt Furey.

When I bought his latest book filled with all of his similarly ‘catchy’ saying for pumping up your marketing and achieving your life’s goals.


I’ve taken the concept, and…

… created these ‘catchy’ sayings for…

… each chapter of my new mini-training.

On how you can reliably predict whether people will buy your PLR or not, before you buy it. Like a chessmaster who predicts his opponents every move.

And, man, does it make internalizing the concepts so much easier!


Knowledge is vital.

But it’s not enough. That’s just the ‘kindergarten’ level.

To really get the results you want, you need to ‘burn that knowledge into your bones’. By repeating it again and again.

To the point it becomes ‘instinct’.

Or maybe even ‘ultra-instinct’.


The new mini-training drops soon.

So stay tuned!

Allen Walker
The Mysteriously “Repetitive” Marketer

By: Allen Walker, The Mysterious Marketer

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