How to create infinite traffic loops that outlive you

Just last week, I was listening to this private interview with the Father of Google Advertising, Perry Marshall.


The interview was about how mere mortals (vampires need not apply) can create an ‘infinite traffic loop’ for their business.

The same way billion dollar companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. all do it.

He shared several personal stories.

About how he helped his clients…

… go from ‘nothing’ and ‘nobody’ in the marketplace, to…

… literally becoming the ‘Amazon’ of their niche.

They actually became the place everyone goes to when they need a solution to their problems. While ignoring everyone else in the marketplace. Earning them ‘infinite traffic’. Because the next closest competitor wasn’t even ‘close’ to their level. It was literally a 6000x difference.

Their secret?

It was the ‘value factors’ that Perry had his clients focus on.

That put them so far ahead…

… no one else could catch up!


Half-way through listening to the interview, I was so shocked I had to take off my earphones and tell the wifey:

“Perry’s actually teaching his clients the same value factors I talk about in the Japanese 4S Value equation in my new 5 Minute PLR Profit Predictions system! But I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know he’s using some of the factors in this equation…”

Or maybe he does.

Even Amazon (secretly) uses this equation. To put their business at a level so far ahead of the competition, everyone else is just playing ‘catch-up’.

How do I know this?


… I heard from one of my process engineering mentors several years back that…

… Amazon regularly buys books he’s wrote on this very same ‘scientific’ subject, in huge bulking batches, and distributes them to all their employees.

But they never talk about this anywhere.

So I wouldn’t have known this secret if my mentor hadn’t mentioned it.

But now, you know too.

And the way you can use this newfound ‘hidden’ knowledge to create ‘infinite traffic loops’ of your own is actually… very simple once you have the Japanese 4S equation I mention on Page 30 of my new system…

(* and I’ve made it so simple, and so non-engineery, that even a kid could understand it)

First, just choose and focus on 1 of the ‘S’s in the equation.


… build your whole business around it!

Make sure all the PLR you buy focuses on that one ‘S’. All the books and products you create focus on that one ‘S’. All the services you sell focus on that one ‘S’.

Because these ‘S’s are what customers really want.

Not what they say they want.

But what they really want.

To the point they’ll come banging, begging, and flooding your website door, ignoring everyone else who can’t give these to them.

And once you start seeing that flood of traffic, sales, and customers coming in because of how far ahead from the competition you are on the ‘S factor’ curve?

Then, you… re-invest that money…

… again and again…

… into increasing that ‘S’ factor in your business even more…

… while increasing the other 3 ‘S’ factors too…

And this attracts even more customers. And keeps the ‘traffic loop’… infinite!


Just another way you can use the principles I teach in my new 5 Minute PLR Profit Predictions system.

If you haven’t gotten your copy yet…

… you can click here to start building your infinite traffic loop anytime:

Allen Walker
The Mysterious (Mortal) Marketer

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