Ancient Chinese secrets for not getting beaten bloody by A.I. and PLR hookers

Back when me and the wifey were first dating:

She introduced me to this incredible novel.

It was based on a true story. And it was about this genius entrepreneur who lived in ancient China.
The book chronicled how he rose from poverty, and using his wits and cunning, built a thriving garment business that made him one of the wealthiest men in the country. In spite of the (literally) cut-throat competition from all the other garment industry competitors who threw everything at him, from hookers to assassins.

One of the most memorable things in the book?

It’s a quote.

Said by that genius entrepreneur.

That’s stuck with me to this day.

And what he said was…

“There are 3 types of people in this world. (1) People who… you just tell them once, and they get it right away. Then there’s (2) people who… need to get beaten black and blue with a stick before they understand what you’re telling them. But then there’s (3) people who… no matter how bloody you beat them or what you beat them with… they’ll never understand!”

The sad part?

Almost all people fall into group 2 and group 3.

They just never get it (or refuse to get it). Until life beats them to a bloody pulp.

Case in point:

When I first graduated from engineering school, the internet was just starting to ‘be a thing’.

And I had determined that it was the best way to build a (mostly) passive income. That would allow me to build my ideal lifestyle. A lifestyle where… I could fund my ‘rennaisance’ interests and explore and master any field I desired.

I tried to rope in several friends:

“There’s finally a way for us to escape being a salary slave! Let’s build our fortunes online!”

No dice.

They wouldn’t have it.

Decades later, they’re slaving away at a moderate-income engineering gig, overwhelmed by stress, hardly have time for family and friends, and they’re starting to feel the “money-burn” on the back of inflation, lockdowns, and economic disruptions.

And they’re asking me for help…

I don’t mind helping.


I already told them this would happen decades ago.

It always does. As history has shown.

But they just had to get ‘beaten bloody’ before they understood what I was talking about.

And so it goes for…

… the modern A.I / PLR internet marketer.

Does A.I. make you more efficient?


Does PLR make you more efficient?


The problem?

It’s making every Tom, Dick & Jerry on the globe more efficient too. And when everyone on earth is just as efficient and productive as you are, you’re back to square one again.

That’s why:

Instead of competing on efficiency…

… I prefer to compete on…

… effectiveness!

And the easiest way to be more effective in a world where everyone is an A.I.-riding, prompt-spewing, PLR-rewriting guru?

Just do the opposite of what everyone’s doing.

And pay attention to the fine details. Instead of stacking up on more and more PLR and A.I. toys.

Details that… most people… and A.I… will never even think of touching. But which are like the tiny little buttons that launch the nuclear reactor missiles.

Small touch, big results.

I talk about one of these ‘fine details’ on Page 11 of my 2 Minute Text-Only eCovers system.

It’s a ‘5-second trick’ my professional artist wife’s Disney and Pixar mentors taught me about crafting an eCover that sets your PLR ebook (or any ebook) apart from every other book in the store, and makes people turn their heads to pay attention… instantly!

Looks like people are digging it so far.

If you haven’t gotten in on the secret yet, and the other ‘fine details’ in the rest of the system, you can get in on them here before the hookers get you:

Allen Walker
The Mysterious ‘unbloodied’ Marketer

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