5 ‘never-do-this’ lessons from farmers in bikinis selling walnuts

A couple weeks back:

I was on YouTube. Watching this video. About these walnut-selling farmers who couldn’t get enough sales of their walnuts.

What did they do?

They took off their overalls.

Donned bikinis and tutus. Made out of leaves.

And shot a video of themselves dancing while showing off their walnut-wares.


I felt so weird after watching that clip…

… because…

… bearded, rugged men wearing bikinis and tutus just don’t appeal to my tastes.

And apparently:

Based on their continued lack of sales in spite of the views they were getting…

It seems my tastes aren’t exactly in the minority.

But a couple of marketing lessons here. So you can avoid the same gruesome fate:

(1) Doing weird stuff to catch attention is fine.

But it’s useless if…

… after you’ve caught their attention…

… you don’t build interest or desire for your product.

(2) A walnut, is a walnut, is a walnut.

I talked about this before in my 20 Min PLR Tweak Tweak, but…

If people can buy the same PLR you’re selling (or something similar) everywhere, they probably won’t drive all the way over to buy it from you just because you’re wearing a tutu, beard, and bikini.

You need some other angle.

(3) If your walnut (or product) has radioactive powers (uniqueness) that can turn you into Walnutman (bring their deepest desires to life), just say it.

If it doesn’t…

… and there’s nothing special else about it, then why should I buy it?

(4) And if it does, say it clearly!

Most people are too focused on being clever. And not on being clear.

Guess what makes more sales?

(5) Dancing rugged men in bikinis and tutus isn’t really my thing.


If they had wings, and… a magic wand… I’d bet they’d be a hit with kids.

“We, the Walnut Fairies, exchange the money you got from the Tooth Fairies for fresh, delicious ‘candy’ walnuts! No dentist visits required…”

Getting your niche right makes a world of difference.


Most PLR publisher make all 5 of these mistakes…

Right on their ebook covers! Which… incidentally… contributes to 80% of your sales (or no sales)… if you’re selling via online bookstore, social media, or eCom. Because if you don’t get the cover right, they’re gonna just scroll past you, buy someone else’s books, and never watch you dance again.

I talk about how to fix all this.

On page 5 of my 2 Minute “Text-Only” eCovers training.

Using the ‘5 Specifics’ system I created.

A system that… makes writing high-converting, attention-sucking ebook titles as easy as… playing with Lego!

And if you choose not to go the “text-only” route with your eCovers?

These principles still apply.

So ignore this at your own peril:


Allen Walker
The Mysteriously ‘unrugged’ Marketer

By: Allen Walker, The Mysterious Marketer

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