Procrasti-hibernating your way to PLR profits

I’ve been procrasti-hibernating.

Which is basically a combination of procrastinating, sleeping like a bear, and stuffing my mouth with enough food to last me all winter.


Because I was having a super hard time.

Writing out the content for my next mini-training.


… this is probably one of the hardest training I’ve ever had to write…

… so I kept putting it off…

… to the point of not wanting to write anything whatsoever.

Including emails.

Which is why you haven’t heard from me recently.

But then I asked myself:

“Why is this so dang hard to write? I’m pretty sure this will save my subscribers more time, energy, and money, than almost anything they’ll buy this year. And I have no doubts they’ll go berserk over it. But I just can’t seem to get it out for some reason?”

So I rustled.

And I tussled.

In my bed with a jar full of honey.


This wasn’t just a procrastination problem.


I know from personal experience that… if something’s hard to write… it’ll be hard to read. And the last thing I want is to release training that’s super valuable, but hard to read, consume, and execute on.

So I came up with a solution.

Perhaps the solution to all procrasti-hibernation problems in the world!

“What’s the easiest thing for me to write right now? So easy that… it comes effortlessly?”

The answer?


Because… I specialize in email copywriting!

It just flows from my fingers. Like honey on the paw of a pooh bear. And once I start, I just can’t stop.

So that was the solution:

Write each chapter like I’m writing an email.

Like this email.

Because not only will it make the book easier for me to write, but it’ll also be 10x easier for my subscribers to read too.


Whenever you’re procrasti-hibernating on a project you simply have to get done, just ask yourself – what type of work comes natural and easy to you? Then… just use that as the basis of your project… instead of the normal way of doing it!


My new mini-training is almost done.


And like I said, I’m pretty sure that this will save you more time, energy, and money than almost anything else you’ll buy this year. Because it’ll show you my personal ‘super simple moves’ for… predicting whether people’ll buy your PLR or not… BEFORE you buy it!

You can use the principles for predicting sales of info products you personally create too.

Which is what I do.


I need to get back to writing now…

So, stay tuned!

Allen Walker
The Mysterious “Pooh Bear” Marketer

By: Allen Walker, The Mysterious Marketer

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